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Autonomous system: A network participating in a larger network that is maintained by an autonomous entity.

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP): A protocol used to route traffic between autonomous networks. BGP is also used as an internal protocol inside an autonomous system.

Dynamic routing: A router technique in which the router builds a routing table based on information obtained through routing protocols.

Exterior router: A router in an autonomous system that passes routing information to other autonomous systems.

Indirect routing: Routing between two networks that are not directly attached.

Interior router: A router within an autonomous system that exchanges routing information with other computers within the autonomous system.

IP forwarding: The process of passing an IP datagram from one network interface to another network interface on the same device.

OSPF (Open Shortest Path First): A common distance-vector interior routing protocol.

Routing protocol: Any of several protocols used by routers to assemble route information.

SPT (shortest path tree): A tree-like map of the network assembled by an OSPF router.

Static routing: A routing technique that requires the network administrator to enter route information dynamically.
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