Name Resolution

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Name Resolution

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DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions): A system for verifying the authenticity of DNS query responses.

Domain: A hierarchical division of the DNS namespace.

Domain name: A name assigned to a hierarchical partition of the DNS namespace.

Domain Name System (DNS): A system for naming resources on TCP/IP networks.

Dynamic DNS: A technique for associating a static DNS name with a dynamic IP address.

Fully qualified domain name (FQDN): The name generated by concatenating a hostname with a domain name.

Hostname: A single name used to identify a computer (host).

Hosts file: A file that associates IP addresses to host names.

LMHosts: A file that associates IP addresses to NetBIOS names.

NetBIOS: An API and name resolution system originally developed by IBM and used on many Microsoft networks. The NetBIOS name system has been deemphasized in recent years, but it is still used on some Windows networks and on some non-Windows SMB/CIFS networks.

WINS (Windows Internet Naming Service): A WINS server is a Microsoft implementation of a NetBIOS name server.

Zone file: The configuration files used by DNS servers. These text files are used to configure DNS servers.
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