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6in4: An IPv6 tunneling technique that requires static configuration of the tunnel end points.

6to4: IPv6 tunneling technique that embeds the IPv4 address within the IPv6 address.

Anycast: An addressing technique that delivers the datagram to the nearest or best destination.

Flow level: A designation for an IPv6 datagram specifying special handling or a special level of throughput (for example, real time).

IPv6 (or IPng for "IP Next Generation"): A new standard for IP addressing that features 128bit IP addresses. The intent of IPv6 designers is for IPv6 to phase in gradually over the next several years.

IPv6 tunnel: An Internet connection that is capable of delivering IPv6 traffic over an IPv4 network.

Jumbo payload: A datagram payload with a length exceeding the conventional limit of 65,535 bytes. IPv6 enables jumbo payload datagrams to pass through the network.

Maximum transmission unit (MTU): The largest unit of data a router can transmit.

Multicasting: A technique for sendcing a transmission to a group of users on a network segment.

Neighbor discovery: The process for mapping IPv6 addresses to physical (MAC) addresses on an IPv6 network.

Path MTU: The smallest MTU setting for any device along the transmission path. The path MTU represents the largest unit of data the transmission path can cdeliver.
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